Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A New Year in Chiropractic



It’s a brand new year everyone! As the saying goes “gone with the old, in with the new” This is a great opportunity to ride on the momentum train of a brand new year, of desiring lifestyle changes, of finally getting fit. Along with millions around the globe, we here at National Chiropractor have made and renewed some lifestyle goals into finally becoming fit and losing those flabs. Unfortunately, many fall short in doing so because they lack the necessary motivation, the necessary direction that they need to push through and sadly, some even get injured due to not being active the past year which puts a halt to the momentum train and thus another year of idleness. Do not fret! As we don’t want that to happen to you! Here are a few tips that we can give so that you can be sure that you’ll be riding that momentum train all year long.

Finally Schedule that Chiropractic Check-up

 With that renewed boost of motivation from moving on from the past year, you might think that you’re going to be healthy enough to doing full blown exercises already. Better set a schedule with your chiropractor so that they can do a proper check on you to avoid that risk of getting that momentum breaking injury. Going to your chiro will enable you to be guided and be reminded right away on stretches and exercises that your body can take before you doing anything serious.

Don’t Stick to a Routine

 We know that sounds ironic but hear us out. Just as much something begins to be boring when it becomes repetitive, the body reacts the same way. When you religiously stick to a certain routine, your body becomes use to the weight, to the movement that instead of being helpful to you, helping you build your body, it becomes detrimental because the movements are not challenging anymore. Also, be careful when exercising certain parts of your body, especially those which you’ve injured in the past. You might incur RSI or Repetitive Stress Injuries. For example, one common injury we deal with as chiropractors are what we call “tennis elbow” or tendonitis of the forearm. This is caused by the repetitive movement of swinging a tennis racket which puts a lot of stress to the forearm whenever a ball is hit. Don’t do leg days all week, or only the upper body. Mix it up day after day.


 We believe that this is the most important tip that we can give to you. Never ever forget the importance of resting. Now you might fear that if you rest, that you risk becoming lazy and losing all the momentum you’ve built up. That’s a common misconception that you should start letting go just as much as we have let go of the past year. Resting allows your body to rebuild and recover the muscles you’ve been using.

Watch What you Eat


 As much as we love grabbing a venti cup of our favourite Starbucks drink, we suggest that you slowly wean yourself off of your sugary and caffeine delights. Instead look into eating and drinking food that is not only healthy for you but also enough for your daily needs. Your chiropractor can guide you as chiropractors also have a vast knowhow of nutrition, in choosing what to eat, what not to eat, what to cut down on, and how much should you be eating day to day. Talk to them as there are no clear cut formulas as our bodies are unique from each other which means we will have different needs and priorities.

Don’t lose the momentum now, keep that spine stable, keep moving, keep on resting and have a happy new year! Check our website to contact a chiropractor in Australia! National Chiropractic Directory or check us out on Twitter for regular chiropractic updates!

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